Undergraduate students

In 2013-14, we are seeking for several W&M undergraduate students for projects supported by the following National Science Foundation grants.
  1. William and Mary EXTREEMS-QED program: Computational and Statistical theory and techniques in the study of large data sets (2013-2018) 1-2 students
  2. Collaborative Research: Multiscale Modeling of Oyster Reef Dynamics (2013-2016) 1-2 students
  3. Mathematical Studies of Spatial Bistability in Ecological Systems (2010-2014) 1 student

Graduate students

We are seeking applicants for a Ph.D. in Applied Science at the College of William and Mary for a project on modeling the dynamics of marine ecosystems.  This work involves dynamical systems theory, PDEs, and numerical simulation.  Applied Science (http://www.wm.edu/as/appliedscience/) is an interdisciplinary graduate department that covers tuition and stipend for Ph.D. students. Application deadlines are 10/11/13 for Spring 2014 admission and 2/7/14 for Fall 2014 admission. Interested students should contact Leah Shaw (lbshaw@wm.edu) or Junping Shi (shij@math.wm.edu).

Applying for the graduate student position